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Paul Durand-Ruel (1831-1922), circa 1910,
Photo Dornac, Archives Durand-Ruel © Durand-Ruel-Ruel & Cie

During his lifetime, Paul DURAND-RUEL (31 October 18315 February 1922) profoundly altered the traditional role of the art dealer with his unwavering and absolute dedication to his artists, both financially and morally. A determined and ambitious entrepreneur, Paul Durand- Ruel became a precursor on the international art market, establishing a network of galleries in Paris, London, Brussels and New York and organising numerous international exhibitions. Completely convinced by the talent of the artists he promoted and confident in his role as the defender of their art, Paul Durand-Ruel was able to secure a legacy for the Barbizon school and, above all, the Impressionists.

The Durand-Ruel Archives encompass a comprehensive group of documents on the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, most particularly invoices, exhibition and sale catalogues, stock books and deposit information relating to the pictures, pastels and drawings which passed through the gallery. Furthermore, the Durand-Ruel photographic archives include 23,000 photographs (in black and white) of works of art, artists and the Durand-Ruel family.

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